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A Peek at Houston Heights' Local Activities

One of the enjoyable parts of Houston that we're honorably mentioning is the Heights because we're so attracted to the artistic flair that resides in this side of town. Located in Northwest Central Houston, the Heights offer many options for entertainment. As denizens of the area itself, we've put together a list of places to visit for anyone close to the vicinity.

White Linen Night

Every first Saturday of August since 2006, denizens of the Houston Heights gather 'round with their finest, most pompous white clothing to throw the BIGGEST block party one could imagine. Yes, your outfit are going to be stained from partyin' but so are your fellow party goers!

Art Car Museum

It's like if art shows and car shows have a love baby. Wanna see what crazy thing people can do to cars and they'd still run! Information of future events are available for inquiry at the Art Car Museum. Art Appeals on Wheels, baby!

Donovan Park

Or dubbed "Castle Park" by local kids. This is an oversized playground made entirely of wood, boasting many hiding places and big, awesome jungle gyms. If you're a hipster parent you will need to take your kids here at least once, it's like a ritual!

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