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Applying Yin and Yang to Aspects of Life

Feng- Shui is a general science of placement of objects in order to encourage being in #harmony with the universe's primal #life force, or Chi (Air), and other experimental and theoretical sciences such as geophysics, hydrogeology, cosmology, meteorology, environment, and #architecture.

Applying feng shui to life helps to improve the optimal #environment for humans to live in for good development as well as driving away stagnation and the forces of malice (Sha) from your #home, #business, or other properties.

Pres.Trump (right) and his Fengshui Master, Pun-Yin(center)
Understanding the art of FengShui brings prosperity and peace

President Donald Trump is one of the most infamous people in the United States to apply the #knowledge of Feng-Shui, thus in turn helped to bring the #art to the mainstream. Understanding and utilizing #fengshui properly would help considerably in making deals with the #Asian businesses and others who are adamant about harmonizing with the rules of nature.

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