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Getting Rid of Life's Clutter, One Thing at A Time

Getting off our train of thoughts today, we'd like to share some tips on well-being❤️ through the art of minimalist living! Our inspiration today is Marie Kondo, a famous real-life lifestyle personality from Japan. Ms. Kondo is known for balancing and organizing everyday life using the simple concept of "Sparking Joy", meaning if someone or something reminds one self of being joyous, exciting and happy😙.

We all want to be happy, thus we do the things we want, but time and "clutter" are the biggest restraints. The clutters of life can be life itself, responsibility for the self and others. Marie Kondo depicts the most spottable form of clutter through the forms of your own belongings. Thus, here we are, all-inspired, sharing you some tips on how to de-clutter your life through going over your belonging and chooses what really matters...Here it comes:

1. Do not start with sentimental items, such as a diary, journal, or an old letter from yours beloved🥰.

2. Start with choosing a category, i.e shirts, shorts, socks, etc.🧱

2. Pick anything in your room up. Ask yourself it it sparks joy.

3. If the answer is not "yes", ask yourself again if said belonging will accompany your life for a long time ahead

4. Once determined unnecessary, said belonging has proved the exhaustion of its usage and should be tossed.

5. Repeat until you have finished all categories you want

6. Remember, less is more. Having more things don't always mean more happiness.🤔

7. Avoid buying storage on a whim. This will subconsciously encourage you to get more things to fill them up.😓

8. Most important of all, take your time. Organizing for a better life is like Rome. It can't be done in a day.

Seriously, we cannot recommend this book enough, go pick it up and try out your home-decor skills already. Let us know how far you go! Until next time 👋

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