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Golden principles of living room interior design

Interior design of the living room requires architects to have deep expertise, flexible handling, catching up with the trends of the times and be devoting to the requirements of the owner. We would like to share the golden principles of living room interior design as follows:

First: The living room design must be in the right position

Where is the location of the living room located in the right place and design? It is the space near the main door, as soon as the guest enters the house, this is considered a good feng-shui location, bringing fortune to the homeowner. The location of the living room is right at the main door, so when choosing the interior, we should pay attention to choose the appropriate furniture to avoid encroaching on the common aisle.

If the homeowner's house has a construction design of a multi-story house, the living room may not be located at the main entrance door, but it is definitely placed on the ground floor, absolutely not moving to other floors, it will not be good for element of fortune.

Second: Designing a living room must be cost-appropriate

Each homeowner owns the house and has different economic potential, so when designing the interior we must pay attention to many factors related to the owner such as:What is their purpose, requirements, desires? How much money can they invest in the interior? From there, the architect has the process of consulting design and construction accordingly. The cost of interior investment for an apartment is not as expensive and expensive as a villa; The simple and modern interior of an apartment building cannot be obsolete.

Third: Interior design of the living room must be consistent with the homeowner's age

It may sound strange, but the feng-shui factors surrounding the homeowner's age are still considered the most important factor for carrying out important jobs. The interior design of the living room almost shows the face and taste of the owner, so every owner wants to have a space of wealth suitable for better convenience a peace of mind.

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