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Word of Concern- Hurricane Laura


news everyone,

Hurricane Laura has moved away from Houston as reported. Here are a few tips from An Residential Houston to help Houstonians stay safe and secure over upcoming stormy seasons:

1. LISTEN and follow law enforcement's in


Everyone is a part when it comes to upholding order to ensure safety during any disastrous instances.

2. HELP thy neighbor in need

This can be positive behaviors throug

h considerate shopping, cleaning debris

around drain openings on your neighborhood streets, or anything to make sure everyone returns home safely. Houston authority is trying their best to offer any assistance needed.

3. HYDRATE store enough clean water

An average person can withstand without food for 3 months, but will not last without water for 7 days. Clean water should take top priority when stockpiling (considerably) for a disastrous events. Unprecedented conta

iners- like bath tubs, are ideal for storing water for different types of usage.

With this, we wish our tenants and Houstonians stay strong through this hurricane season. Be safe, y'all!

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